I work at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), as Senior Research Informatician. Most of my efforts are directed towards the Semantic Data Capture Imitative (SDCI) Project. In the SDCI project our effort is to integrate clinical decision support with the Electronic Health Record System, CarePlus NG, being developed at HFHS. The clinical decision support will be provided by using a Guideline Engine based on Proteus.

Proteus is a model for executable clinical decision support guidelines, which allows authoring of guidelines very easily. The guidelines are compatible with HL7 v3.x and uses standard based (ISO/IEC 11179) data elements, which can be linked with concepts in vocabularies/ontologies.

Proteus and GreEd (A rule authoring system) are also available under an open source license (EPL) at the Proteus Intelligent Processes (PIP) Open Source Project site.

I worked as an Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, in India, before I switched to medical informatics. I specialized in gynecologic surgery and high fetal and maternal risk obstetrics.

– Hemant Shah

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