This Blog

What is the raison d’etre for this Blog?

Like most others, I have something to say.

But do I have anything to say that no one else can or will? Perhaps!

You will find here a few things that only I can speak to, viz.

  • Thoughts influencing development of Proteus and GreEd and the  work done in the SDCI project.
  • My views on current developments in Health Informatics, Open Source movement, Computing technology
  • Ideas that come to my mind from time to time related to things listed above
  • Occasionally,  I meander off the above prescribed path, well let’s say, to smell the daisies.  Then I dwell on something that has seized my fancy for the moment, possibly something that has nothing to do with healthcare informatics.

Needless to say, all opinions expressed here are mine; neither my employers, my family members or my friends can be held responsible for them.


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