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Proteus Open Source Now!

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This is to announce the availability of source code for tools related to clinical decision support guidelines model, Proteus under an open source license (EPL). The open source development will proceed under the new Proteus Intelligent Processes (PIP) project.

With this announcement, we are also opening up the project for general participation. The code and related information can be found at  The home for Proteus will remain at Introductory information about the rule authoring system GreEd is available at

This also coincides with the release of the version 2.7 (beta), which has several new features to make knowledge authoring more exciting and easy.  Take the new application for a spin by downloading it from

What’s New

I list some of the new features in Version 2.7 below:

Protean (Clinical Workflow Authoring Tool)

  • Sharing executable knowledge
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Promotion and demotion
  • Move an item from one location to another
  • Search your library of components

GreEd (Rule Authoring Tool)

  • Undo and Redo
  • Default Inference
  • Semantic Guidance and constraints
  • New operators for your expressions, like [N of M] and [Between]
  • Date Fields and Operations

Read more about the new features here:

This is a major milestone for Proteus which was made possible by contributions from many wonderful people. Much of the development for this version was done in the Semantic Data Capture Initiative project of Henry Ford Health System, my employer. Besides Henry Ford, Lister Hill Center of National Library of Medicine played a critical role at the nascent stage of Proteus. Several ideas related to metadata usage and rule authoring were developed at City of Hope National Medical Center.

We will be scheduling a web seminar to provide a quick introduction to Proteus, GreEd and the PIP project and demonstrate the tools. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

I will be at the upcoming AMIA annual symposium, in San Francisco and will be happy to meet you if you are planning to attend.

We welcome your participation and feedback.

Feel free to contact me.


Get to know GreEd Better

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In one of my previous posts, I had promised that I will be sharing with you more information about GreEd.  I did one better; I posted several pages about GreEd. You can find these here:

The same pages can also be accessed from the top menu of this blog.

Stay tuned, we will be adding some flash demos and tutorials for GreEd in near future. I will also keep you informed about development of GreEd.

P.S. Do not worry about mispronouncing GreEd, it is pronounced same as the good old human foible – greed. Either way, we wouldn’t be too offended.


What Rules In the World of Clinical Decisions?

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Recently one of the NY Times blog carried this news about Vanderbilt University Medical Center going in for the Ilog business rules management system The Doctor Will B.R.M.S. You Now – Bits Blog – Other health IT sites and the blogosphere picked up this news and were abuzz for a while with the potential of such systems.

From this:


To This:


One has to stop and ask what is so complex about rules for healthcare that expensive systems are needed to support them. Do we really need them? Continue reading