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GreEd or Graphical rules elements Editor is a business rules management system, one amongst many. However, unlike any other rules system, the focus is not on technology, not on the type of rule engine that it will work with, nor what language the rules are written in, but simply what will make management of rules simpler for the business people. Because no matter how sophisticated the technology underlying a rule system is, it is supposed to be managed and used by the business personnel and not the techno-nerds. GreEd is designed for visual thinkers and not for programmers or knowledge engineers. We believe if the rules are represented graphically, it is easier to understand and manage them.

One of the strengths of GreEd is that it is designed so that it can be adapted to work with any rule engine, using any rule language.

Another design consideration for GreEd is to allow unlimited extensibility, which means you should be able add more operators and expressions based on your business need.

So, how has GreEd set out to achieve these lofty goals?

It began by creating a model for the rules so that the smallest component of a rule can be represented discretely. Read about it here.


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