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Future Plans

GreEd is now available as an independent system for rule authoring and testing.  It has been completely separated from Protean for which it was originally created. A Rule Data Module Designer is a new tool that allows you to create the data module for which the GreEd can be used to create rules.  You just can launch the GreEd tool for the data module you create by clicking a button in the designer. Since this the data module designer is a new tool, it doesn’t yet have the capability of storing the data modules (shortly to be rectified). We still recommend that you use it from Protean for doing any work you would like to be saved for future use.

In its current state, GreEd demonstrates how easy it is to create even complex rules. It also indicates the path we are taking to make it very extensible, to allow using new functions/operators as well as making it possible to use with other rule engines and languages, even more than one at the same time.


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