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Here is a glimpse of how GreEd looks in operation. Click on the image to see a larger version


The figure shows GreEd running; its main panel shows a rule displayed in the GreEd graphical notation. The rule displayed is to determine, based on the data elements and their possible/permissible values (on the left side of the panel), which of the grades (displayed on the right side of the panel) a diarrhea adverse event falls in. The large brownish-yellow triangle in the center represents an AND, and the light green square elements represent mathematical or Boolean operators. The displayed rule can then be read as, if the difference between values of ‘Stool Number, current’ and ‘Stool Number, baseline’ is more than 7, and ‘Life threatening consequences?’ is true, then the value of ‘CTCAE 3.0 Diarrhea Grade’ is ‘grade 4’. The bottom right panel displays the same rule in Java format or in pseudo code that users can comprehend. Extensions allow translations into other formats (e.g.,Arden Syntax, RuleML etc.)

This rule, like all others in GreEd, was created by simply by picking and dropping operators from the operator palette and then dragging links between the data elements, operators and their inferences.


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