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Protean & GreEd - Known Bugs

Following is a list of known problems with running Protean and GreEd and some workarounds.

Problem/Bug Solution
The PALs that are within a PKC are not selectable. Their selection is required before they can be edited. To get around this problem, select any of the two KCs linked by the PAL and move it a bit. This will “loosen” the PAL to allow it to be selected.
When the PKCs that contain PALs are dragged around, the PALs do not move but are stationary. Actually, the PALs do move around, but visually appear to be where they were before dragging around of the PKC began. A work around for this bug is to select any of the two KCs linked by the PALs and move them a bit. This will bring the PALs connected to it, into the new position.
When a PAL that is contained in a PKC is edited, the changes do not occur. Actually, changes do take place, but they are not visible. When you save the PKC and reload it, the changes will be visible.
After the machine goes to sleep and then reactivated, the Protean screen goes blank. Slightly enlarging or decreasing the size of the Protean window should get back its contents.