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Instructions for Downloading and Installing Protean

The steps below will allow you to download and install protean:

  1. If you do not have Java 1.4 or above installed on your system download and install Java from here
  2. Download Protean 2.5.zip from HERE
  3. Create a folder called Protean 2.5 in any location
  4. Unzip Protean 2.5.zip in the newly created Protean 2.5 folder.
  5. Double click on the prt.bat in the Protean 2.5 folder. This should launch Protean and confirms that it has been installed properly. If this is the first time you are downloading Protean, go to the tutorials to learn how to use it.

Although Protean 2.5 has been tested with Windows platforms only, being a Java application it may also work with other operating systems. The instructions above are for Windows (XP/2000). Please modify the instructions appropriately for other platforms.

Version 2.7 (New)

The installer for new version of Protean can be download from HERE (2.7.55 - uploaded on January 7, 2011)

Version 2.7 was developed in the open source project for Proteus.

What is different?

Version 2.5 uses an embedded database so that you do not need to install a separate database. The new Version 2.7 on the other hand uses the robust MySQL as its database. Therefore you need to install MySQL (download MySQL). On the other hand, the installer does much of the work for you, if you take care of the installation of MySQL.

It also boasts of several new exciting features, including undo/redo, moving of KCs and data elements from one location to another by dragging, promotion and demotion of KCs, and export and importof KCs and guidelines to allow sharing.

Similarly, the new version of GreEd which is bundled with it has several new exciting features, including undo/redo, semantic constraints for creation of rules, and new operators like [between] and [N of M].

(New)If the above install procedure for Version 2.7 fails for some reason:

If for any reason the installer does not work as expected, you can try to load the Proteus related databases directly into your MySQL as follows and run the provided jar:

  • Download the zip file from this location
  • Unzip the contents of the zip file to a location of your choice
  • Run each of the SQL files in the sqlfiles folder as queries in your MySQL, in following sequence:
    • Important: execute the files with _base in their names first
    • then execute the files with _data in their names
    • finally execute user.sql
  • Launch Protean by double-clicking on pip.jar, or by running "java -jar pip.jar" from the command line.


Please understand that Protean and associated tools being provided to you were created for research purposes and are to be used for experimentation only. These tools should not be used for any real work including that related to healthcare.

Obviously, there is no warranty or promise of support as there are no liabilities.


Feedback is welcome. Write to me at hemant at proteme dot org