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Tutorials - Introduction & TOC

What is Protean?

Protean is a tool that allows authoring, modification and execution of Proteus guidelines. Proteus is a guideline model for creation of guidelines and guideline software systems. The Proteus guidelines are composed of modular entities called knowledge components (KCs), with each having the capability of possessing its own inferencing mechanism.  The KCs may be reused for different problems in different guidelines. The KCs can also execute in computer software that has the ability to interpret them to provide decision support to healthcare professionals. Protean is a software environment under development in which Proteus guidelines and KCs may be authored/edited and executed.

About the Tutorials

The two tutorials on this site provide an introduction to the Proteus approach and the Protean toolset. Detailed understanding of Proteus is not essential for this tutorial.

The tutorials are directed towards people with some understanding of computer use and clinical medicine. Basic computer use skills for environments like MS Windows is expected. Installation of Protean is easy. If you have not already downloaded Protean, you can find the instructions for downloading and installing it from here.

In the basic tutorial, you will learn how to load, interpret, and execute a Proteus Guideline. The tutorial requires 20 minutes, approximately.

An animated version of the basic tutorial is also available. You may want to run this tutorial to get a quick feel for the Proteus environment.

The second tutorial (advanced) will introduce you to the editing capabilities of Protean including the ability to provide Proteus guidelines with automated decision-making capability. This tutorial may take approximately 2 hours to complete. You must complete the basic tutorial before you try the advanced one.

There are a few known problems of minor nature. If you find something quirky, please refer to the “Known Bugs” section of this tutorial. There are some workarounds for some of the bugs.

Also, note that not all screens in the graphics of this tutorial may look consistent. This is due to the screenshots being recorded over different sessions and due to changes made to appearance of Protean, during the time these tutorials was being written. Furthermore, the version shown in the tutorial images may be different than the one you downloaded. This should not be a cause of worry, because the essential functionality as described in the tutorials is the same.

Tutorials Table of Contents

Basic Tutorial (Animated)

Basic Tutorial (Text Based)

Advanced Tutorial