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Advanced Tutorial Chapters

Chapter 2 - Getting Familiar with GreEd - The Rules Editor

  • Right click the AKC “Symptoms of other pathology?” and select “Edit Rules” from the context menu.

Figure 12.

  • This opens up the Graphical Rule Elements Editor (GreEd, pronounced same as greed – the vice that every religious scripture in history of humanity has warned us about), the environment in which rules for BeanShell for Proteus may be created.

Figure 13.

We will not spend too much time in trying to understand the different parts of GreEd just now but will learn about them as we use them in the process of authoring rules for our KCs. It is important to point out however that GreEd is not really part of the Proteus model, but it is simply a tool to create rules for rule-based systems. It has been designed to work with rules for different kinds of rule engines. Currently, it allows creating rules written in java code, which BeanShell for Proteus can understand. In future, it may acquire the capability of creating rules in other languages, including Arden Syntax and Jess.