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Advanced Tutorial Chapters

Chapter 8 - Enhance the JIT Functionality

  • To allow the JIT functionality fully(described previously), you need to tell Protean three things. Without this information, the list of questions that JIT generates will not be formulated properly. The information required to have proper JIT functionality is:
  1. What condition/disease for which the guideline is applicable? For example, the Menorrhagia guideline we created you may specify “Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding” as its disease. Open the PPC Editor for the guideline by right clicking on the guideline (the pale yellow area of the main panel when a guideline is loaded) and selecting “Edit” in the menu. Go to the “Knowledge” tab of the PPC Editor. In the “Disease” field, enter “Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding”. Click ok to close the PPC Editor to change the guideline.

For each KC that you want the JIT functionality:

  1. What is the category for the AKC? Open the PPC Editor for the AKC by right clicking on the AKC and selecting “Edit”. Go to the “Knowledge” tab, in the “Category” drop-down list, select the category. For Example, you may choose “physical finding” for the AKC “Uterine Enlargement”. Do not close the PPC Editor until the next step.
  2. What term best describes the activity/event represented by the AKC? For example, you can specify “Uterine Enlargement” as the term for the Atomic KC “Significant uterine enlargement?” In the “Knowledge” tab of the PPC Editor for the AKC, in the field “Term” type your term. You may now close the PPC Editor and commit your changes.
  3. Now when you click on the KC for which you provided the additional information and click on the [JITton] on the toolbar, you will notice additional questions for which you can get answers. Similarly, when the AKC is executing you will be provided with additional questions in the list.