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Advanced Tutorial Chapters

Chapter 11 - The Copy Buttons on Protean and GreEd Toolbars

If you want to include information from your guideline in a text document, you may use the copy button to copy the names of the KCs in a loaded guideline in Protean quickly to the clipboard. 

  • Select a KC in a guideline loaded in Protean and click on the copy button (the button at the right end of the toolbar with an icon like a clipboard). This copies the KC and its content names to the clipboard. If you want just the KC, without it contents, click the copy button with shift key pressed. If you click the copy button without any KC selected in Protean, the names of all components within the entire guideline are copied.
  • In GreEd, the copy button exists on the right end of the left group of button, and copies the name of the selected rule and its constituents to the clipboard. Similarly, if a rule sub-element is selected, the name of the sub-element and its constituents are copied. If you have the shift key pressed when clicking the button, only the selected element’s name is copied and the names of its constituents are not.