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Advanced Tutorial Chapters

Chapter 5 - Creating an Action Rule

Similar to rules for abstraction inferencing, if a there are inferential PALs in a PKC, rules can be created to decide which of them have to be triggered, thus deciding the triggering of the KCs that are their targets.

Switching to Action Rules View

The default mode when GreEd starts is to allow you to create Abstraction Inferencing rules, called the “Abstraction Rules View”. To create Action Inferencing rules, you will have to switch the “Action Rules View”.

  • Click on the [Switch to Action View] button above the right upper corner of the main panel to do so.  This button is enabled only if the KC which is current for GreEd is a PKC. When you switch to the Action View, if there are any inferential PALs in the PKC, the KCs that are their targets are shown as inferences on the right side (whereas the possible abstraction values of the KCs are shown when in the abstraction view).

Specifying Trigger KC for Action Rules

The main difference in creating an abstraction rule and an action rule is that in the latter you need to specify the trigger KC when the rule will apply, i.e. the rule is only tested when the KC you have specified as the trigger KC for the rule has just completed execution.

  • Double click on any of the KCs on the left side, when in the Action Rules View. You will notice that the KC’s border has turned bold red.
  • To make another KC the trigger KC, just double click the other KC.
  • Now create the rule as you would create the abstraction rules. You can include any of the KCs in your conditions, and not just the trigger KC.