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Basic Tutorial Chapters

Basic Tutorial - Chapter 1- Starting Protean

The following steps assume that Protean 2.5 is properly installed in your computer as described in the Section “Protean Download and Installation”

Open the "Protean 2.5" folder and double-click on prt.bat to launch it. If the installation was done properly, Protean 2.5 should be launched.

First Look at Protean

When you first start Protean, this is what you see.

Figure 1.

The title bar shows the version of Protean and if a Patient is loaded, the patient’s name and id. The menu allows access to different functionalities of Protean. Toolbar provides quick access to some of the commonly used functions. (Please note that not all functions on toolbar may be in the menu sub-items or vice versa – this harmonization is a pending task). Most of the buttons on the toolbar are initially disabled, because no guideline is yet loaded into Protean.

The area below the toolbar is divided into two sections; the right side has the main panel, which is where the loaded guideline is displayed, and the left panel. The left panel has two sections; the upper one shows a tree containing the Proteus Protocol Components (PPCs), also called Proteus Guideline Components (PGCs) which are available for dropping into a guideline being authored, or edited. The lower section of the left panel shows information about the guideline or guideline component that is selected in the main panel. Currently, it shows no information as Protean no guideline is loaded.

The tabs on the top of main panel will in future allow accessing the information collected for a patient in different views. Currently, only the Guideline tab has contents; other tabs do not show any information.